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Grotto churches, fortified farms and millennial olive trees

Churches in caves and fortified farms blend in with the millennial olive trees of the countryside of Monopoli. The former are an expression of a cave-dwelling civilization that developed in Puglia between the 6th and 13th centuries. The fall of the Roman Empire exposed our region to enemy invasions, forcing the local populations to abandon the cities, which were no longer protected, to take refuge in the natural caves on the banks of the ravines or canyons. In these environments, which are not very visible especially from those arriving by sea, real self-sufficient villages developed with cave houses, oil mills, and frescoed churches. Byzantine influence is very evident from the 10th century as testified by the paintings that adorn the walls of what experts call the “Caves of God.”

If we want to, fortified farms are an evolution of the cave-dwelling civilization. Built starting from the 1500s, they represent the hub of agricultural activity. They are buildings made of stone, covered with white plaster and have fortification elements to defend themselves from enemy raids: perimeter wall, drawbridge, arrow slits, and machicolations. The structure houses the caretaker’s residence, that of the farmers under his command, oil mills, stables, and churches.

Apulia – La Finestra sul Mare tours make stops in authentic places and conclude with a tasting of typical Puglian products.


All the year




about 3 hours


Min. 2 persons

The price includes:

Transfers (by car or minivan), guide in Italian/English, admission ticket, tasting of typical products.


The guides reserve the right to cancel the tour or make changes to the program in case of adverse weather conditions that may not guarantee the comfort and safety of the participants.

It is necessary to book the tour a few days in advance.

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